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When did you twin mommas have another baby?

Would love to hear your responses! What did you like about your age gaps? Thanks!



Re: When did you twin mommas have another baby?

  • I'm not going to.
  • I'd love to have another when the girls are 3 or so, but it's unlikely.  We won't do IVF again and DH only wants 2.  Given how complicated this pregnancy has been, we may be done after this.  
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  • I'm interested in the answers to this too. In a perfect world, we would wait until our twins are 2-3 and potty trained, but I am 37.5 and don't want to wait too much longer, even though we have frozen embryos. That said, I have no idea how we would pay for childcare so we may be done.


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  • We've definitely considered trying for 3 -- even after all we've been through. But, we'd have to have some serious discussions with my OB, likely seek out an MFM for a discussion (and I'd be sure we'd see him/her our entire pregnancy, since no one knows what caused our pPROM in the first place) ....

    ... that, and until I wean, we won't know if AF comes back normally, or if it looks like we'd need to go through IF treatments again. THAT would be a major determining factor -- I'm pretty sure I don't want to end up with twins a second time around!

    Lots to think about, but we've got lots of time to decide -- I turn 30 this year, so we're a couple of years out from actively going down that road again. 

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  • palm513palm513
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    we got pregnant again at 10 months.... I wouldn't recommend it though going through the stating to walk stage preggers is murder and then potty training two with a new born I am sure is going to be about the same way. 


  • ks3pinkks3pink
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    If we were going to I'd say when they are about 4. But I had my tubes tied so no more babies for us.
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  • mirnbmirnb
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    We decided to wait until our boys were 1.5 (just this month!) and then see what happens....I think it is different for every family but we wanted our kids to be close in age as this will probably be our last one!
  • We had initially agreed we would TTC again when the boys were 2.5-3. However, they're coming up on 4.5 and DH still hasn't felt up for having a third. (And frankly, after how crazy my boys have been this week, I'm not right now either. ;) ) I think looking back, ideally I would've had a third right around when the boys turned 4 or possibly this fall when they are starting Pre-K. Sounds heavenly to have 5 mornings a week with just one baby and the baby would be 9m and hopefully STTN by the time PreK was done for the summer. ;)
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  • I would love to have another baby-- but ideally I would want to wait until they were two or three- potty trained... That is just me though!
  • image Reilly626:
    I'm not going to.


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  • I'm 13w pg with number 3.  My twins will be 2 next month and be about 2.5 when the baby comes.  We planned it this way, as both pregnancies were FETs. 
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  • Ivee4Ivee4
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    My DD was almost 2.5 when our spontaneous twins were born.  We are throwing around 4th (horrible to say but I want to try for that boy) I asked my doctor and she said once the twins turned one it would be safe to try.  I am thinking that will probably be when we start if we decide to.  I want to get the baby phase over so I am not holding all the baby items waiting to get pregnant again. 
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  • SkyBeeSkyBee
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    We want to try when they are 1 to 1.5 but we will see when we get there.
  • I am a triplet Momma, but we had #4 when the trio were almost 2 1/2. It has been great. We are trying for #5 now...should it work out, the trio will be 5 1/2 and my singleton will be 3.
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    image Reilly626:
    I'm not going to.


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