Summer School Critique

My mother and I are homeschooling my nieces (ages 9 and 11) for summer and I'm not sure if the lesson plan is a little too ambitious for 8weeks at 8hours a day or if we should add to it. We have visiting a few local museums after reading about two Laura Ingalls Wilder books along with learning how to make candles/sew/book making and basket weaving, a dog agility course with the new puppy that they research and build, weekly cooking course that will tie in with the lessons from that week, visiting the zoo and aquarium after writing papers on an animal my mom or I pick, a lesson on conservation, visiting an art museum and sharing their favorite piece and about the artist with us, then the family vacation to the Grand Canyon where they will research the geography, geology, and history of the area. We have a book list of about 8books, and then whatever research they plan to do. Is this too much or not enough? Opinions on ways to improve this list?
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