Fingerprints rejected

Apparently my partner's fingerprints were rejected. The agency suggested that we go to this other place to get them done, but they took 5.5 weeks to get rejected the first time and we are now 6 weeks away from due date. Is there any way to expedite this? I sent an email to our agency as well, but our SW is out of the office for another 2 weeks. Grrrr!
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Re: Fingerprints rejected

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    That happened to me as well. The second time didn't take as long. Get it taken care of right away, but in my state, there was no way to expedite it.

    The second time around, they just compare the two sets of prints to make sure that they are the same. Don't stress about it!!!!  

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    It happened three times to me!! It took like 3 months, soooo frustrating
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    Ugh, that sucks.

     Where else do you have to go to get them done? My background check took over 6 weeks but DH's came back in three.

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    Happened to us too. So frustrating! Write "URGENT: ADOPTION" on the envelope. It might not actually make it go faster, but I felt like it did.
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    In my experience, when your fingerprints are rejected, it takes longer to get a response, because they go through a review process.

    If I were you, I'd have her go as soon as possible, ask the agency and the entity processing the fingerprints about expediting, but not worry too much.  Also she should drink a lot of water before having them done, and not use any cream or lotion beforehand, to increase the likelihood of getting readable prints.

    Good luck! 

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    crene84crene84 member

    Not all states offered this, but we were able to do it in NC and we got our results before we walked out of the place that scanned our fingers!

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    Thanks everyone! crene, that's weird, my partner did go to a place that had the scanner but they gave ger a card, they didn't submit electronically. Although I wonder if it's because they couldn't get a good print...

    When my partner walked in, the woman there looked at her hands and said, "I don't like the looks of this!", then after trying for half an hour and not getting a single print that the machine accepted, declared that my partner had the worst hands for fingerprinting that she'd ever seen. Awesome, she should rob a bank!

    I guess they will sumbit them anyway, then when they get rejected they will resubmit a different set of them, and when they get rejected the third time then you can petition for an alternate method.

    Less than two years ago they went through fine! So weird. Anyway...

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    Haha--my fingerprints were rejected, too!  It was really frustrating!  Then I went to a different place that digitally did them, and it still took them 6 tries before the program would finally accept them.  Everyone kept remarking on my tiny hands and fingers, and I felt like wearing a sign that "Will show hands for food."  :)  But, after my prints were accepted the second time around it only took a week for them to get back to us. I hope that happens for you! :)
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