How long did you wait?

I know this question has been asked several times, but just humor me please!

How long from your "activation" to placement?


Domestic Adoption-Activated January 29th, 2013. Trying to be patient. The journey:

Re: How long did you wait?

  • For DD#1 we matched after being active for 10 months. She was born 2 months later. Due to a birth father issue, she went to transitional care for 31 days and we had placement after that.

    The wait for DD#2 was 20 months to the day. She was already born, so there was no additional waiting time.


  • Did you go through an agency? Domestic, Foster or International?
    Domestic Adoption-Activated January 29th, 2013. Trying to be patient. The journey:
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  • Active profile January 12, 2012.

    Matched January 19, 2013

    Baby born January 24, 2013.

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  • Domestic Infant Adoption through an as of May 2012...still waiting...
    Trying to grow our family with both fertility treatments and adoption since March 2009 
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  • We went through a national agency.
  • sorry, forgot to add it was domestic newborn adoption.
  • Decided to pursue adoption 10/15/12.  Home study approved 1/14/13.  Currently waiting to be matched for domestic infant adoption.


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  • 2.5 months.



    :::Our Adoption Journey:::

    Evan James was born 1/24/13 and matched with us 2/20/13. The LOVE OF MY LIFE!!!
  • Define "activation"

    We waited 10 months from the time we sent in our application. We waited 3.5 months after our profile went active

  • We are adopting older children from foster care. We were "activated" 12/5/12 and we have our interview with our match on June 7th.  So about 6 months.
  • From profile activation with our national agency, 2 1/2 months until match, 3 months until placement. 
  • Initial application: April 2010

    Active status: July 26, 2010

    Matched: January 12, 2011 

    Baby born: February 8, 2011 

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  • Activation was June 28th. Conatcted July 10th about a potential B-Mom. Placement on September 10th and Finalization on December 21st.

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  • I waited over 4 years.  Mine was a bit of a different circumstance, I am a single woman, and I went thru the foster care system.  But well worth the wait.  I brought my son home at 4 months old and his adoption was finalized one week after first birthday.  He turns 3 in a month.


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