I'm a SAHM and wife to a public school teacher.  It had always been our plan to homeschool our kids, but when we decided to pursue adoption, we enrolled our oldest in a private kindergarten anticipating international travel during the year.  We figured it would be easier for her if she had a constant routine to follow while we were gone.  Well, that plan fell apart as the adoption plan didn't go as we had planned. 

We are eagerly moving ahead with our homeschooling plans now, and eagerly watching the school year wind down (3 days to go!).  I am grateful we put her in school for this past year because, even though the school is fantastic, it has firmed our decision to homeschool. 

I'll be starting "official" homeschool this fall and really look forward to tapping the knowledge and support here.

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Re: Intro

  • Welcome! I am in my second year of homeschooling.
  • Welcome!  I'm finishing up my first year (although we school year-round, so I guess there really isn't a "finish" for us). 

    What about the school experience firmed your decision?  Do you mind sharing?

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