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XP: Solids/Gas

For those who have started solids, when do you usually feed little one? We are just giving half a container of the step 1 veggies or fruits at night around 7:00 (DS goes down at 8), but it appears DS is extra gassy. He wakes up 2-3 times a night kicking his feet and letting out gas. He normally is a gassy baby, but not like this at night. We have tried the gripe water and it helps, but not for all night. Should I consider moving solids up to an earlier time or is there other things I could try for gas help? We just started solids last Wednesday, so maybe it just takes time for LO to adjust? Thanks!
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Re: XP: Solids/Gas

  • How old is your son? 1/2 a jar is what 1oz? Depending on his age 1oz of food should not be the issue.

    You should try feeding him solids earlier in the day when you first start feeding him, especially if he is a gassy baby. That way if the gas is bad, he has all day to work through it rather than waking at night. 

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  • It's better to go for fruits in the morning and avoid giving them at night time. I use this website to get inspired with foods for my precious. It's accurate and useful. You could give it a try! Hope it helps you too!

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