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FTM - Solid foods

Everything I've read says watch for LO's cues for starting on solid foods.  "Every baby is different, you don't have to introduce solids just because baby has reached a certain age."  

So what cues did you get from your LO? DD is just now 6 months and we held off b/s we were getting control of her GERD and milk allergy.  We've also had difficulties getting her to gain weight b/s of those issues.  I have an appointment for 6 month shots and pedi said we'd talk about it then (I originally asked at her 4 month shots), but I'd like to get your input. 

Re: FTM - Solid foods

  • Ok, I was going to start at 4 months but my son just wasnt holding head up well enough at that point.  I waited another month and by then, he could very easily sit and hold his head up.  By 5 months, his extrusion reflex was also gone so he would accept the spoon and not push the food out with his tongue. 
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  • We started a few days ago. LO was wanting to be with us while we ate, and then grabbing at our food for about a week. The other night I just have her some of my steamed carrots and she went to town, so we now give her something at dinner time everyday
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  • We started at 5 months 1 week. For about 2 weeks he had been sitting in his high chair while we ate dinner. He kept trying to grab food, so one night I gave him a piece of banana and he has been eating with us ever since.
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  • I can't answer on the when as every child is different, but my DD stared at us the entire we ate, was always grabbing for our forks or spoons or food. Those were the cues that she gave us. She was just really interested in what we were doing and eating.
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  • Cues we looked for was, like you said, holding head up really well, reaching for our food when she was sitting with us, and being between 4 and 6 months.  We started rice cereal at 5.5 months and gave first veggie puree at 6 months. It worked really well for us.
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  • Well, you should start solids when LO is ready for them. So, follow baby's cues of readiness for solids, and if baby is ready I guess 5 months is a good compromise. Though we started at 6 months but my LO wasn't really interested in solids. Now I use this website to get inspired with foods for my precious.

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    We started at about 4 months.  LO would stare at us and open his mouth and actually make a chewing motion when we would pick up our utensils.  He would follow your every move.  He began reaching for our food.  By that time he could hold his head up and sit supported.  We started with 1 tbs oatmeal each morning and he took to it like a fish to water.  There aren't many foods he doesn't like.


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  • DD started making chewing motions with her mouth and she also started to get very interested while watching me eat. i took it as a sign that she wanted food, haha and i was right!
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