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Faint line on First response test - pregnant?

Hi Ladies:

I am new to this board.  I took a pregnancy test last night (First Response) and it showed  BARELY visible pink line.  This morning, I tested again and the line was darker but still faint.   My question is--does this mean I am pregnant?  I called my doctor and she said, most likely yes.  However, I am hesitant to be too excited because the lines are so faint. My period is not due until Sunday (May 19th). Any input would be appreciated!

Re: Faint line on First response test - pregnant?

  • My first couple of tests were very light lines because it was only 10 or 11 dpo. A line = pregnant. Congrats!
  • Your eggo is preggo as Juno would say! Congrats! I took three tests this morning, and I am 15dpo. My first test's second line was dark, but the other two were pretty faint. A line is a line! 

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    Hehe. I took four pregnancy tests. I was 10 dpo and I took two cheapo wondfo's and the line was so barely there that I didn't even tell my DH. The next morning I did another one with fmu and the line was a tad darker but still not super visible. I showed it to my DH but he didn't believe it really and told me I should go to the doctor so we knew for sure. I decided to just go buy a digital and when the word pregnant popped up is when it became real. For some reason seeing it spelled out and not just a line made it sink in! Haha. Too funny.

  • congrats, your pregnant!!

    my first few tests barely had a line. I had to take a double look to see if I was seeing things. If there's a line, your pregnant. I had my first positive 11 days after ovulation..3 days before my missed period.. so yea, it's possible to get a positive early. 

    I would call your Dr. in a few days and have her write you a slip to get the pregnancy blood test. that way your Dr. can confirm it.  

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  • A line is a line.

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  • A line is a line. Congrats.

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  • i got a pregnant on a cheap walgreen digital at 3 weeks 5 days so go buy a digital no lines to read :)
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  • Yup! Congrats!




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  • Been there done that. You are pregnant. Someone may have already said this but the best time is in the morning. Mine was faint too

  • A line is a line, congrats!!

    Even at 4 days past my missed period, my line was only half as dark as the test line. But as long as its there, you're good!

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    A line is a line. Congrats!
  • Yes maam!!! Whether the line is faint or dark you are pregnant!! Congrats :)
  • Congrats!
    I always buy the clearblue digital tests because they not pregnant or pregnant (and show an approximate time of when you conceived).
    No lines to mess with!!

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  • Thanks, ladies for the advice!  I took a clearblue test over the weekend and was thrilled when it read "pregnant!"  MissMusic, it is unfortunate that you have to be rude on a board like this.  The instructions did not say anything about a faint line.  In any event, thanks to everyone for the fast feedback.  My husband and I are thrilled!
  • Hi can you help me before I go crazy- I took a first response pregnancy test yesterday, 2 days before my period is due. I swear I see a very, very faint line- and I'm hoping a line is a line and someone else sees it too!
  • Jkb08 said:
    Hi can you help me before I go crazy- I took a first response pregnancy test yesterday, 2 days before my period is due. I swear I see a very, very faint line- and I'm hoping a line is a line and someone else sees it too!

    See above responses. Take that advice to heart. Note dates. You bumped a 7 month old thread.
  • Okay this post may be a little long, but worth reading... Me and my husband decided we wanted another baby. my first pregnancy took a couple month of trying. This time around it took one try. We were excited so I took a pregnancy test a week before I was suppose to get my period (I took it at night). We put it on the table and waited about a minute but nothing showed, so we left it there and ran to the store ect. then went to bed. I got up in the morning and realised I didn't throw it out yet but when I picked it up there was two lines indicating I was pregnant! I immediately ran up stairs to show him. I went out and bought 4 more test, I took then one after another and each came up positive with a very faint line but it took a couple minutes! We went to the doctors the next day and he told us we were pregnant! I was extremely shocked that a positive test (no name brand might I add) picked up on me being pregnant a week before my missed period! Therefor my guess is you are pregnant, congratulations!
  • A line is a line!  Try a digital.  No guessing with those!

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  • Why do zombie threads keep popping up? How do people even find these?

    I'm not new. I just hate The Bump. 

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  • This is from May!?  I think she'd know by now if she was preggo!  :)

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  • All signs point to yes! My first ling wasn't even pink. But it was a line that showed up within a minutes or less! A line is a line. You're pregnant, congratulations!

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  • oh geez, way to be late to the party

    It's a BOY

  • Two days before my missed period, any thoughts?? Is this positive??
  • Two days before my missed period, any thoughts?? Is this positive??

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  • Haha i think that might be the most obvious line in a "do you see a line?" post I've EVER seen. Congrats @juicybum313‌ but you may want to get your eyes and reading comprehension skills checked.

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  • Two days before my missed period, any thoughts?? Is this positive??
    Can't you fucking read?
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  • "But the instructions didn't say anything about a FAINT line!" The stupidity in this thread is ridiculous. Plus the dates people. If you're incapable of understanding that a line means positive then buy a god damn digital.

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