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Muncie area OB?

I just found out the OB I had lined up is planning to leave and therefore isn't taking new pregnancies. :(

Anyone from the area that can give me suggestions?

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Re: Muncie area OB?

  • kaleb87kaleb87
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    I went to the Voss Center. I absolutely loved Dr. Pete Voss. However the downside is that they are now affiliated with IU since I delivered. When I went in for my follow up there was a long wait. Also, with delivering they have 3 doctors who deliver at Ball, so you never know who you'll get when your in labor. They schedule appointments throughout your pregnancy with all 3 though. Good luck!!!
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  • KingLEDKingLED
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    I tried the Voss center last time, but they were WAY too religious for me.  They were constantly asking me to pray.  I couldn't take it.
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  • I went with dr cropper at American health network

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