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Soap makers come in

Any cold process soap makers here? Do you have a great recipe? I'm going to make a batch tomorrow. I haven't found a recipe I just love yet. For my fats and oils, I have tried combinations of tallow, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil and palm oil. I use water for my liquid. I'd love to hear your favorite recipe!


Re: Soap makers come in

  • I really like this web-side they have very nice recipes for making differents kind of soaps.

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  • aetgaetg member
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    My husband makes hot process soap, but hasn't really found his favorite recipe yet.  We find the soaps he has made to be more "oily" than we are used to but maybe that's cause bar soap is usually a detergent? Idk....
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  • barinebarine member
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    I make and sell soaps. You can check out soap queen tv on youtube she has great recipes for hot and cold process. Soap making requires patience and trial & errors. So have fun!


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