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Crib Tent Alternatives: Suggestions?

I know that the crib tents that were sold a few years ago, were recalled and you can't find them anywhere now {they made a dome over a crib so that the child couldn't climb out}.

We have a monkey boy, who at 16 months is constantly climbing out of his crib. He's in a room with his brother and sister {triplets} and we cannot put him in a bed yet for a variety of reasons. Any ideas on how to keep him safely in his bed? or products that do something similar?


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Re: Crib Tent Alternatives: Suggestions?

  • we got to that place around the same age. (only with two, but a small bedroom). And in order to keep him safe, and from having less opportunity to get into his brothers bed, we converted the crib to a toddler.  He got out of bed ALOT. and there was a 4+ month season where one of us had to lay in there until he fell asleep or he'd work on climbing iinto his brothers bed, and his brother would bite him. :/  but, we're good now.


    Sorry to hear about a fellow monkey climber :/

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