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Just moved to San Diego-South Bay Area

Hi all!

Well we just moved to the area from Virginia and found out after 2 weeks of being here that we are pregnant.  First child for both of us.  I am in need of advice.  I had my first prenatal visit and left feeling a little unhappy with my doctor.  I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good OB in the area.  I am in Chula Vista near the Chula Vista Medical Center.  My other concern are the hospitals.  If I were still in Virginia or back home in South Carolina I know the good or bad hospitals and could tell you right away which one I would prefer my doctor be affiliated with for the delivery.  But here I am at a loss and haven't met anyone yet who could offer advice.  So if anyone in the area could please offer suggestions as to which hospitals are better in the area I would greatly appreciate it.  Thanks in advance for your advice and suggestions.

Re: Just moved to San Diego-South Bay Area

  • Sorry I am not more helpful about Obs and hospitals down your way, but Scripps memorial in la Jolla is where we will be delivering, and I have heard very good things about many doctor groups who deliver there, aside from ours. My doc is actually in Encinitas but delivers in la Jolla, so it is possible there are some groups who may practice near you but deliver there as well?


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  • Thanks! The Chula Vista Medical Center is Sharp owned.  But like I said on the east coast we didn't have sharp or scripps so I'm really unsure. 
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  • Sharp otay ranch is where I go and I love the OB staff! I will give birth at sharp Mary birch but my appts are at the otay ranch office and I couldn't be happier!
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