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how many?

Do you know with these names? And which ones are becoming popular?






Re: how many?

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    1 Charlotte under 12 mo

    1 Nora 52 yo

    0 Graham

    1 Marshall 25 yo

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    Charlotte-Three from age 31 to 3 months.

    Nora-One, approximately four years old.

    Graham-One 32 year old.


     Only Charlotte and Nora seem popular to me. 

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    Charlotte: 2. Both are under a year old.

    Nora: 1. She's 3.

    Graham: 1. He's in his mid-30's.

    Marshall: Like 10 of varying ages because they are all my relatives (it's a family name).


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    Charlotte - A LOT of little kids/babies

    Nora - several babies

    Graham - 1 baby

    Marshall - none, of any age


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    I know a Marshall- 30 yrs old

    I know a Nora- 22yrs old

    I know a Graham- 6 yrs old.

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    I don't know anyone with these names. I know someone whose last name is Graham.
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    Charlotte = 0

    Nora = 0

    Graham = 1

    Marshall = 0

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    1 Charlotte.  0 for the others.  
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    Charlotte is popular. Graham seems like its becoming popular again. I don't know any Noras and H's cousin is Marshall and he's in his 40s.
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    Charlotte  3 adults, 2 school aged children, 4 toddlers, 1 infant

    Nora  2 infants

    Graham 1 adult

    Marshall 1 infant

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    Charlotte - 2 (one in her 20s, one who is 3yo)

    Nora - 0

    Graham - 0 (but is on our list of possible future names)

    Marshall  - 0

    I wouldn't say any of these are "popular", though I would say Charlotte is on the trendy line.

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    FWIW-- I don't know a lot of babies/ young kids

    Charlotte- one 11 MO baby

    Nora- I don't know any, but I think this name is trending up

    Graham- this is my friends H's name-- he's early 30s

    Marshall- I don't know any- I don't believe it's trending up right now.


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    I don't know anyone with any of those names. I love the name Marshall. If LO was a boy he would have been named either Mason or Marshall. I think the popularity of those names depends on the part of country. In Idaho I haven't heard any of those names yet. But then again I'm not around any little kids. I like all the names besides graham which is just OK to me.  


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    Charlotte---none that I can think of.  An older lady I used to see at church when I was little was either Charlotte or Charlene.

    Nora -----I have a former student with that name, but she's an adult now.

    Graham ----- None

    Marshall ----- I know several, but they're all adults older than I am.  No children.

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    1 Charlotte that is 2 and 1 Nora that is 1.  We have an adult neighbor with the name of Graham, and my H grew up with a Marshall but no young kids with those names.

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    3 Charlottes - Two of them will turn 2 in the next 4 months.  One is in her 60's.

    3 Noras - One in her 30's, one 14, one 5 or 6.

    No Grahams, though I see it on here a lot.  No Marshalls either.

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    Do you know with these names? And which ones are becoming popular?CharlotteNoraGrahamMarshall nbsp;

    I don't know anyone named Nora or Marshall. I know one Charlotte that's in her 70's and one Graham who is 4.

    I think Nora is becoming really popular. Graham is becoming somewhat popular on this board but not in my area. Charlotte is pretty popular but is a long standing classic popular name and I don't think Marshall is popular at all.
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