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    I don't hate Greenlee, but love Green as a MN, also someone suggested Molly Green and I think that's too cute
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    I think that when you have to ask people not be mean about your name choice, part of you knows it is not that good of a name choice. If you are worried about internet strangers being mean to you over naming your daughter that.. I would be concerned about the future and kids teasing her for being named that. You know what I mean?
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    I would use it as a middle name. If I heard Greenley/lee I would just think it was trendy and not even suspect a family connection. I'd do a feminine first name and use Green as a mn: Natalie GreenLucy GreenMolly GreenLola GreenFarah Green etc...

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    I usually really don't care for most names ending in -lee    They just sound to me a bit too cutesy sounding but I do like this one- especially with the history behind it.   There is a little girl in my town named this and when I first heard I thought it was pretty.    I would definitely spell it Greenley though
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    I think its a GREAT name.. First or Middle..however you decide to use it. I'm pregnant with my third and hoping for a boy...I have thought of a few off the wall names for my unborn child also. I actually did a search for "hippie names" because I like unique different names, and my children seem to embrace there names In a good way.. My daughters love their names.


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