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I just wanted to share my weird week.  I started Provera last Wed.  I was told to call for CD3 tests.  This Wed. I woke up and thought I'd started my period.  I called got an appt for today.  However, it stopped.  I called RE yesterday and said it should be consistent and not spotting.  I then spotted again last night.  I hate not knowing if it is Day 1 or not.  So, I am just waiting.  I thought Provera was supposed to help it start, but have no idea how soon it should.

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  • I'm not sure about the Provera but I hope you get some answers and a BFP! I'm sorry it's been a roller coaster of a week for you. I say this a lot because it's so true and it's becoming my motto but IF sucks!
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  • With this last round of provera, I spotted for 2 weeks before aF showed. I went in for an u/s there was a cyst that resolved itself quickly. Could you ask for an u/s to see what is going on? I have had it take up to 2 weeks before without spotting as well. Good luck to you.
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  • Thanks.  That is good to know.  There was some confusion between the nurse and myself playing phone tag.  She called and left a message that I could start taking it, but wanted me to call back and verify that I got the message.  I called back and left a message for her that I got it.  I am pretty sure the message was never given to her because she called again and wanted to make sure I understood the message.  I was thinking that maybe I should have started sooner.  I am not worried yet since I just finished the prescription.  Never thought I'd say I want AF to hurry and get here :-)
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