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2WW question

Hi all,

Since this is my first time (though 17th cycle) having difficulty conceiving, I was wondering what restrictions people adhere to during the 2WW?  When I was pregnant with my first I didn't even know I was pregnant so I didn't worry about it, but this time around I am more concerned.  I haven't done anything special the past 16 cycles but I'm really trying to think positively and do everything I possible can this cycle. I'm on clomid but no other treatments so far.



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  • After about a year and a half of trying with no luck, I went a little crazy and completely changed my diet: no alcohol, no processed foods, limited sugar (no white sugar, only natural), no GMO's, no eating out. I was pretty set on it for about 2 months

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  • I did accupuncture for about 5 months last year and she opened my eyes to diet and lifestyle changes that could impact my cycle.  Things included: no red meat or alcohol or caffiene, going gluten free and dairy free, amping up on certain foods and

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    Love, luck, and prayers to my BFPB Dr. SnowflakeBride

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  • Thanks ladies!

    i think most of my concern is about exercising and activity during the 2ww.  Have you been told to take it easy if does it ultimately not really matter? 

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