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"Old-fashioned" wipe warmer???

I might be dating myself, but a few years back there were fabric wipe warmers. You put them around the wipes container, and they really did a good job at making the wipes warm. It was great cause it didn't need to be plugged in. From what I've heard, the plug-in ones tend to be one of those baby items you just never use. I'm trying to find the other ones for my daughter who is expecting.  Does anyone know if these are still sold and where I can get them? I searched online with no luck.


Re: "Old-fashioned" wipe warmer???

  • There are some on etsy that cover the wipes with fabric:

    Some of these are cute, but I think they are just for aesthetics, not for warming the wipes. Since the wipes don't produce heat, wrapping them in fabric will not make or keep them warmer.

    I personally think wipe warmers are unnecessary, but some babies are pickier than others.

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  • I guess I am old since no one seems to remember these! The last I saw of these was when my nieces had one (now 12 and 14)
    Thanks PP for the link. The ones they used to sell weren't just decorative. They may have been insulated or something but I was amazed at how well they warmed the wipes. Although not necessary, I just thought for about $6, it's worth it.
    maybe if I search "vintage" I'll find one! :)
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  • imageVikingsfan 71713:
    If you do find something- post it and let us know. I've been checking back here to see what anybody came up with. I like the idea of a non-electric one because it may not dry out the wipes and I've heard that can be a problem.

    Still no luck finding anything like it. It worked so well, that I don't know why it has become obsolete. Oh, well. I tried.

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