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Never have I ever!

Have we done this yet??

Share something you've never done. If you read a post and you've done it, love-it and then share your own!

Re: Never have I ever!

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  • Never have I ever gone sky diving 
  • @key33 and @kingdommom You're missing out!  LOL
  • @indulgentgypsy I’ve never smoked anything so take your pick! 🤣
    Also, maybe a dirty minds never have I ever is needed. 😇
  • key33key33
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    @Cbeanz lol! I'm not missing out if I find it disgusting. 😂
  • nopegoatnopegoat
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    @mama_bear19 I've never smoked cigarettes but have smoked pot a few times. 

    @hestia14 I'm dying to get a tattoo. I've known what I want for probably 5yrs just  haven't done it yet! Hoping after this one is born I'll finally get it! 

  • Never have I ever been a bartender.
  • Never have I ever played bridge (the card game).
  • @hakele, you are missing out! Come visit! 
  • @happyin14 I’d love to! It’s one of the big things on my list that I still haven’t done. I mean, I’ve been to Fiji, but I haven’t been to New York! What the hell! 
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