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PreNatal Yoga Recs?

Does anyone have a recommendation for PreNatal Yoga classes in the Smyrna area?


Re: PreNatal Yoga Recs?

  • Go to They have TONS of prental workouts and so much more for when you have the baby or babies. I signed up for the water aerobics. They have facilities all over depending on your location.
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  • I just finished a 6 week prenatal yoga class at Vita Prana Yoga on Atlanta Road, and I know they are looking for more participants to continue the class. I would email them if you are interested!
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  • I live in smyrna and am going to the free oh baby yoga class in kennesaw on Sundays. The class isn't full so u maybe could sign up and come to the rest of the classes!
  • I can't speak for the OhBaby classes in Smyrna as most all of the ones I've been to are at Piedmont Hospital's fitness center and Urban Body Studios in Midtown.  While I have really enjoyed the combo, pilates, and water aerobics classes, I wasn't terribly impressed with the yoga class.  I did yoga for 3 years prior to my pregnancy and the OhBaby yoga class was just ho-hum.  Very little workout involved.  We did learn how to push and some poses for specific ailments, which I appreciated, but I didn't see a reason to go to it ongoing.  As a result, I've just been going to regular yoga classes and modifying poses myself (or sometimes the instructor has offered modifications for me, too).  The only things I've really avoided are lying on my stomach as some of the twisting poses.  Otherwise, I've been able to do pretty much all of it and I'm just about to 37 weeks. 

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