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red raspberry leaf tea?

I am having a c section due to pre e again and tubal litigation.  Has anyone taken red raspberry leaf tea even though they are having a c section?  I doesn't induce labor it help the healing process with uterus.  What are you thoughts on this?


Re: red raspberry leaf tea?

  • I had bought a big pack from amazon with my first pregnancy, before I knew I needed a c-section. My OB said it will NOT induce labor and even though she doesn't think it will magically make my uterus heal any better she gave me the OK to drink it 2-3 times a day.  I enjoyed drinking it and I felt like even if it helped a tiny bit in the healing process it was something I could do proactively and surely it was better for me than soda or coffee.  I bought another big pack this time around but for some reason it just doesn't taste as good to me (I bought the Yogi brand both times)  so I haven't been drinking much. I have 3 boxes left and I'm having my c-section in 24 hours.. I do plan to drink a few cups today, though, and also to drink it in the following weeks :)
  • I can't imagine it would hurt if it's your first c-section. If you've already had one, however, it's probably a very bad idea because you could increase your risk of rupture if you're doing anything to encourage contractions. I speak as someone who started to rupture, so it's obviously something I'm sensitive about. If I were you and you really want to help your uterus heal with RRL tea, maybe you could take it after the c/s? Or is it only supposed to be effective if you start before the c/s? I imagine it's supposed to work because it encourages the uterus to contract, and that in turn helps things close up.

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  • Thanks for the replys.  It will be my 2nd c section.  Dr said I could drink it starting week 28 that even if I have contrations I will be having a c section.  She said the tea makes contraction more like Braxton Hicks in her experience. The contractions seem to make your uterus contract but not with great force like normal contractions.
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