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I have been debating about whether to place my 4 year old in two different summer camps this summer.  I found a summer camp for him that is half-day during the month of June near my house. It only lasts for the month of June. In July, I would like to place him in a two week camp at the school that I hope he will attend for elementary.  He also may be starting a new pre-k program in the fall. Is this too much transition for him at one time? My concern is about the two different summer camps and the new school in the fall...

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  • I think each child is different and it would probably depend how the 1st summer camp goes. With DD1, I believe she would thrive at the different camps as I would build up the idea of new adventures at each one. She's pretty outgoing tho.
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  • Ditto pp about it depending on the child. I have twin girls. One would be fine with all the changes while the other one would have a bit more difficulty.

    Is your son outgoing? How quickly does he adapt to new environments? Is he shy? Is he comfort
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  • How does LO generally do with transitions?  I have one that would ask me "Is that all I get to do?"  One that is a homebody and would prefer to stay home but would humor me if she can earn computer time, and one who would take the whole two week
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  • I agree it really depends on the child. If your son is easy to warm up and happy with change I think it sounds fun. If not I would probably just do 1 camp.
  • Totally depends on the camp and your child.  Are they just general day camps where they do a little bit of a variety of things each day or is the camp for a specific thing like a sports camp, art camp, etc?  How long is camp?  Has your c

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