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Westchester Moms, please come in :)

I am thinking of making the move from Hoboken NJ to Westchester.  My husband and I both work in NYC and we just love Westchester, however, we do not know THAT much about the different towns.

Can you let me know where you all live and why you love it?  We are looking for a nice town, within an hour commute to the city, reasonable taxes and good public schools.

Just tapping into you guys.  THank you so much in advance.   

Re: Westchester Moms, please come in :)

  • I am not a Westchester mom, however my sister-in-law is.  Westchester has extremely high taxes, if you are looking for lower taxes try Somers.  It's a bit further north in Westchester, however taxes are low because Pepsi is located there....great schools, great location, beautiful...
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  • My Husband and I currently rent in Tarrytown - and are looking to buy before baby arrives (I'm due in August) - We love Tarrytown, it has a quaint Main Street, if you are runner there are plenty of paths and sidewalks to run on. Problem we are having is finding a home that fits our budget, and does not need to be renovated any time soon. Depending on your budget you can get a great house here, taxes vary on where the house is located, land etc. Schools are pretty good and commute to the city is a breeze. Ranges from 37 minutes - 55 minutes depending on your train. 

    Because we are having a hard time finding a place here, we are also looking in Croton on Hudson which is a bit further north, but has a 43 minute express train to the city.  

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  • I live in Fleetwood and we love it, but I don't think that is what you are looking for. Bronxville is next door and sounds right up your alley, but is pricey. The further north you go, the more likely you are to find something affordable.
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  • Armonk is a great, small town with about a "door to door" commute to NYC of about 1 1/2 hrs if going all the way downtown (less obviously if to midtown).  It is moderate / middle of the road for taxes in westchester.  It's much better than lower westchester, but not as good as upper westchester . As far as schools go - Armonk is top 3-5 of all towns and taxes are much less than Irvington, Chappaqua and Scarsdale - the 3 other top rated school districts.

     Good luck! 

  • Hey momma, congratulations to you and your family. I live in Yonkers, Ny and I love it here. The school system for children are very good and respected. I love the area because its a mix of NYC and the south which I love. Its not too busy and mainly has a lot of houses in the community. Hope that helps :) Good luck
  • White plains is about 3040 minute commute to the city. House prices and taxes vary within the town and there is a ton to do close by
  • I live and grew up in Dobbs Ferry. I have always loved the Rivertowns. Although the taxes are high, it is a great community, great schools, down to earth people, etc etc. The only problem my husband and I currently dealing with is day care. The options for when our first child is born in 1/14 are limited. Any ideas? Anyone interested in a nanny share? I plan on taking 23 month maternity leave.
  • I am now living further upstate but still own in Ossining. We will be moving back in 2014hubby is Army so we are all the way up north right now.
    Ossining is a great town toogood schools and nice little area. Tarry town is amazing too though I couldn't afford when I bought. Love being close to it though!
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  • Sunfish, have you looked into Family Day Care providers? They provide care for small groups of children, and are often more affordable than a private nanny.  You baby also gets to socialize with other children during the day.
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  • My husband and I currently own a condo on Hartsdale Avenue in Hartsdale. It's close to everything (walking distance to train, right near Central Avenue (a main road with tons of stores), close to the city, a ton of young families). WE LOVE IT HERE. The school district is Greenburgh (which we're not thrilled about) so we'll probably stay here for a few more years before the baby starts school and then look elsewhere (Crestwood (but kids will go to Private if we move there b/c Yonkers schools are not good), Tuckahoe, Eastchester, Scarsdale, Hawthorne/Thornwood, Valhalla or we might move to UpperWestchester - Somers, Yorktown Heights).
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  • I just moved from Irvington to Hawthorne and love both. Hawthorne taxes are much more reasonable and the schools are good! My husband works for NyPD and commutes. Check it out.
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