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Where do you get your smoothie recipes?

I am going to give smoothies a try and would love to know where you get your recipes! Particularly any ones that avoid banana since I hate banana.  Thx!
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Re: Where do you get your smoothie recipes?

  • I usually just use whatever fruit I have on hand.  I like to use frozen berries/mangos/pineapple, because they make it icy and slushy without watering it down like ice does, then toss in whatever other fruit I have on hand, some greek yogurt and eith
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  • when I have made them, I just used what was on hand.

    But I was literally just on pinterest looking up smoothies and got lots of new ideas!

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  • I find the best ones on vegetarian and vegan recipe sites or blogs.  They really know how to use their produce and come up with delicious combos you'd never think of. 
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