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Germany limited resources??

Hi we are currently stationed in Kaiserslautern, Germany. We have two little girls and another baby on the way. Lately I have been feeling like our resources are limited for extra curricular/educational activities for the kids. It always seems there is a waiting list for the places on post... And the places off post are SO pricey. My kids have been stuck in the house all day, every day just watching tv. I don't know what to do to keep them stimulated, and it is overwhelming. I can tell that they are wanting to do more and I feel like a bad parent for not having more resources available. My questions are: 1 can anyone recommend some good places to take my kids during the day that I maybe don't know about?
2what are some indoor things I can be doing with them? Like certain art/science projects, etc.

I am still trying to get my German drivers license, so that is ANOTHER reason I feel options are limited. I will be so happy when I finally get that taken care of.

Re: Germany limited resources??

  • Once you get off base and start traveling, it will get better.  There is so much to do over there, especially with spring coming. 

    I was just lamenting that we have less to do, now that we are back in FL.  And other than gymnastics

  • This winter feels like it has lasted forever!  I understand feeling trapped inside.  But, try to embrace life in Germany and do as the Germans--get outside, despite the cold!  Just getting out, your kids hearing others speak German is go

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  • Why do you need to get a German driver license? I lived in Wiesbaden and when we were on post, we had to take a test and apply for a USAEUR license instead. You can drive in Germany with that. Some countries you need an international drivers license. <

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    Why do you need to get a German driver license? I lived in Wiesbaden and when we were on post, we had to take a tes

  • I can honestly say that I do not think there are any less activities for young children over here (we are in the same area) than in the States.  In fact, I feel like we are almost too busy with activities.  Between preschool, swimming, soccer

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