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UPDATE: Talk to me about wovens

I've been using my friend's Ellaroo for awhile now and have decided I'd like to get my own woven wrap since I'm clearly going to be using it longer than she can lend it to me (she's due with #2 in August)!

I want something lightweight because DD and I both get hot and summer is fast approaching here. Also, I would love a taper, which is why I don't really want to get my own Ellaroo. I fell in love with an Ellevill but they don't seem to ship to the States. I also like the look of Vatanais but am wondering if there are any other great lightweight, tapered, standard wraps out there.

Any help would be appreciated!

UPDATE: I just ordered the Ellevill Paisley in Grasshopper and I am STOKED. Found a distributor, but was seriously contemplating having it sent to my friend in London since we'll be there next month....I feel like such a dork. ;-)

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Re: UPDATE: Talk to me about wovens

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