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Medication Question

So I LITERALLY just found out we are expecting on Thursday night. No one was at my OB's office over the long weekend because of the holiday. In addition to spotting (which seems better) I seem to have come down with a crappy cold with a mid-grade fever (100.9) over the weekend. 


I am calling my OB's office tomorrow to set up a first appointment, but I haven't even met with him to have him give me the run-down that you need at your first appt./ultrasound.


My question is, can I take Robitussin Night Time Peak Cold? Active ingredients are:


Acetaminophen (for fever/aches)

Diphenhydramine (Antihistamine/ cough suppressant)

Phenylephrine (nasal decongestant) 


I THINK they are all safe based on what I have read, and I really need to get some sleep tonight.  I will certainly be calling my OB first thing to discuss and set up and appt. Thanks for your help! 

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