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Am I crazy???

New to the board.  Been TTC for eight months.  The two week wait is miserable and I normally over analyze my charts.  This month I had to stop charting after ovulation b/c my thermometer broke. I just got a new one and since they are different not sure how much stock to put in it.  It's almost time for AF and I'm having 'signs' of pregnancy that I've never had before.  Feel free to tell my I am crazy or its all in my head :)

breakout on my chest/back/face-NEVER have this ever 

possibly yeast infection-gross

high bbt

on/off hheadaches

on/off queasiness


and that overall different feeling 


Re: Am I crazy???

  • Honestly, yes, I do think it's a little crazy to post questions like this on the internet rather than just taking a HPT. You can get a decent one at Dollar Tree.

    PMS and pregnancy symptoms are very similar, so they can't tell you if you're p
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  • They could all be signs of pregnancy. They could all also be signs that you are PMS. POAS if you want an answer. Good Luck.
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  • Yes. Take a HPT. 



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  • Not crazy.  Just symptom spotting.  I wouldn't read into anything until I had a +HPT.


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  • I know the feeling! You just described my last two weeks. Good luck!

  • Overanalyzing symptoms will just drive you crazy. With both pregnancies I never had any obvious symptoms until at least 5 or 6 weeks except exhaustion but that can come without pregnancy. Save yourself the stress and hope for the best but expect the wor
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  • Thanks for the feedback.  I tested Monday morning and it was negative.  I am still charting my temps to see if they drop, but they are still high.  I'll re-rest at the end of the week when I'm more than a few days late--unless AF shows u

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