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Did anyone use one of those Poang chairs from Ikea for their nursery instead of a glider or rocker?




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  • We had the poang rocker and I wouldn't reccomend it. It was difficult to get out of since it sits so low. I also wound up keeping a folded blanket on the arms so DD didn't bang her head on the wood when I held her.
    The regular poang chair might be
  • Yep, we got the Poang chair  (normal chair, not the Poang rocker).  We splurged and got the leather cushion for ours. I personally love it.  It's the right height for me and it has a bit of a bounce to it, which seems to soothe DD just f

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  • I have a Poang for the nursery. I don't have problems getting in it out, though I do agree it sits low. The bounce of that chairs is great for rocking a baby.

    I use a pillow to one side to cushion under DS's head. I think it makes a nice mini

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  • Funny you should ask this, because I have been AGONIZING over which chair to buy for our nursery for ages. My husband and I just went to Ikea yesterday to try these out. I just hate the traditional gliders (SO ugly), and I wanted to Poang to work. The



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