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Maternity Support Belt

My OB told me last week that I was measuring at about 33 weeks, and I am definitely feeling it.  I still have 3 months left, and definitely will need some support.  For those of you that use the support belts, were they worth the purchase?  Just holding my belly up (I guess adding a little pressure) feels better.  I appreciate any advice as well.  Thanks!

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  • Yes, order one immediately it was worth every penny. I had a Gabrella one and it was my bff the third tri!
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  • Keep us posted on how it works out for you.  I bought one and ended up returning it - it wasn't comfortable.  But I'm not huge, I was just getting uncomfortable.  I find that tighter belly panels on pants help a lot, I may change my tune as
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  • I wore my BRU one pretty much every day from 25 weeks on. It was great really helped with the pressure!
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  • DO IT! Saved my life, seriously! I bought mine from motherhood maternity. It was the wider one. I think it's called the ultimate maternity belt. It was the best 30 I spent!
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  • Go try it on at motherhood maternity I did and realize it wasn't any help.
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