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SIL due 2 weeks after me

My bro and his wife just dropped in and told us they are pg!! I''m super happy for them, but now really scared for us. This would be the first grandkid and I'm the oldest. I know that's selfish, but I guess I never thought about any of this.

What if we miscarry a third time? What if they do? Why can't this all be easy...

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Re: SIL due 2 weeks after me

  • It's ok to feel this way,,but try to stay as positive as possible.  My SIL (husbands brothers wife) is pg with her 3rd and due 2 days after me and my brothers new wife is due 5 weeks after me!
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  • I totally understand. My brother and SIL announced they're pregnant with their first about 2 months after me. I was a little emotional thinking, what if I miscarry again and have to watch my parents become grandparents for the first time with my brother's
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  • my brother just announced his wife's pregnant, she's 13w - I STILL worry about things like this at 23w!

    but likey Hayley, trying instead to focus on how awesome it'll be to have cousins so close in age

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  • That is a very sensible fear, I don't think it is selfish.  I wish I could offer better advice, but just take each day in stride and ::try:: not to stress.
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  • My little sister announced her pregnancy at 4 weeks in Oct. I was pregnant at the time and hadn't told anyone. I m/c at 7w5d.

    I was due May 22 and she was due June 19th.

    I am the oldest of us. Your fear is my nightmare, I have to watch my

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  • Thanks ladies, I wish it were as easy as "OMG! we will have kids 12 days apart!!", but my family and I are very aware that this is easier said than done. Thankfully, they are understanding of that.

    It was just such a shock and I'm afraid I wasn'

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  • I completely understand your fears. My littlest sister is due THE SAME DAY as me and I am still having a hard time with it. All I could think of when she announced was that I hope I didn't lose my baby. Thankfully I think I have gotten passed the higher r

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  • My SIL is due two weeks after me too. I'm 33years old, and she is 25. I've gone back and forth with being happy for them, and jealous that she gets to have her first one, and not go through a loss. That was short lived, and now I realize God has a really
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