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Swings: Run by AC power?

I'm just starting to register, so I haven't read this board often; so, I'm sorry if this is a question that is asked/answered every day!

I have two friends that have complained about having to replace the batteries on their infant swings.  One friend suggested I register for a swing that can plug into the wall.  So far, I've found that the FP Snugabunny comes with an AC adaptor, and was highly recommended by a number of people on this board in another thread.  However, I feel like the price is a little high.  So I have 2 questions:

1. Does anyone have suggestions for less expensive swings that can be plugged in? Or is the Snugabunny worth it?

2. Has anyone purchased a battery operated swing and hacked it to work with an AC adaptor?

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Re: Swings: Run by AC power?

  • The Snuggabunny was way worth it for us. It's a great swing and I really liked that you could swing from side to side or rotate the whole thing and let the baby swing from front to back. Plus, it's super soft and cozy and we never had to spend a dime o

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  • The Snugabunny was worth every penny.
  • Just pay the extra money.  We used a hand me down battery operated swing for dd.  D batteries are freaking expensive. (And somewhat hard to find here). We ended up spending over 80 bucks on batteries to power our swing.  The extra cost for
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  • My area has Snugabunny swings on CraigsList pretty frequently for $75 - $100. 

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  • kegkeg
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    We have a FP rainforest swing (I think an earlier version of the snugabunny).  It does have a big footprint (really wide base), but it is great to not worry about batteries.  I was at a parents of multiples sale recently and there were a ton of
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  • Thank you, everyone!  I hate the idea of putting items over $100 on a registry - don't want anyone to spend that much on us.  So I'll probably take some of your suggestions and stalk Craigslist.  Like another poster stated, McBaby may not e
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  • We got a battery operated one and spent the extra money on 2 sets of rechargeable batteries. Worked great and now that we don't use e swings we have e batteries for battery operated toys :)
  • We loved the snuggabunny but it stopped swinging when DD was 9 months old. By then she didn't need the swinging action anymore but had recurring ear infections so the incline was helpful.

    Now we have to decide if its really worth spending t

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