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Sunday night March 10

I felt labor pains and every time I went to the bath room it felt like pressure down there and like he was going to FALL OUT! I called the mid-wife and was telling her that i felt pain and all the bath room issues and she tells me that all i have is a UTI, and to go to the office in the morning for them to look and give me something to treat it.

Monday Morning March 11

I went in to the office around 9ish when i found a way ( My parents and husband said that i shouldn't drive alone or drive in case i go in to labor) I was there until 10 going on 11, when they finally did check me they told me that i was 5cm diliated and that i needed to go ahead and go to the hospital. I called my hubby and told him and he raced to the hospital. They got me all in the bed and ivs on me and told that i wasn't a 5 that i was 4 1/2 that i needed to move up if i wanted to stay that i needed to walk or i could go home and eat( Keep n mind that i haven't had food since 7 o clock that sunday night and it is now 4 going on 5 and i was STRAVING!!!!!) So after an hour of walking around they checked me and then WITH OUT TELLING ME WHAT WAS GOING ON they mid wife broke my water and said well doll your staying and tells me to make a lap around the hospital and take a hot bath and then said let someone know when u want the epuridurl. About 30 mins later i was in so much pain i was SCREAMING and i bite my husband and didn't even know that i did also they told me that i was hanging on to my mother n laws leg screaming, my family all ran out cause they couldn't handle me yelling n pain. ( I am a person scared of needles and didnt like them AT ALL and when they were about to give me the med i was BEGGING FOR IT!)  about 12 o clock it felt like the meds were wearing off and it was time to push, about 2 hours of labor at 2:24AM my little pumpkin was born =)


The Funny part of this date was my little boy was born the 12, my grandfather birthday was the 13 and my dads bday is the 14 and my sister n law is the 15 =) he is in the front of the line for birthdays! 


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