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Hard time introducing solids

After DD's 6 month check up last week, the doctor said we can start solids. My DD has only had breastmilk this entire time. No formula or anything else. I tried giving her oatmeal cereal and she wasn't really interested. I mixed 1 tablespoon of the cereal with 2 tablespoons of my breastmilk. She eats it, but not easily. When I try to give her prune juice or apple juice or prunes baby food to relieve her constipation, she wouldn't eat it. It seems like she is only used to breastmilk. It's hard getting her to try other things. Is it normally this hard or is she just not ready? She's been so constipated after introducing solids, that I might give her a break for a couple days. Any advice to make transitioning to solids easier? I hope she isn't a picky eater.

Re: Hard time introducing solids

  • not all babies are ready at 6 months.  Skip a week, and try again till she's interested.
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  • It takes time. Don't push solids, but be consistent in offering them. Why not skip cereal if it is causing constipation and go right to fruits and veggies?
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  • My son really isn't thrilled about solids either. We have tried different approaches and he just plain doesn't care about it. I decided to just wait til closer to 7 months to restart it and even then we'll probably go slow. It's really not worth i

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    It takes time. Don't push solids, but be consistent in offering them. Why not skip cereal if it is causing constipa
  • We started at 4 1/2 months. She was only doing cereal. It took us a month to where she was eating regularly!
  • Koa didn't want anything to do with cereals when I first started him on solids. Apples and green beans? Yes ma'am!! It took him a few bites, then he fell in love! Lol! He still didn't eat more than a few bites in the beginning, but quantity will come w

  • DS is EBF and he is just warming up to solids (he is almost 9 months). What worked best for us was to not push when he wasn't interested and just try a little at a time. Some babies just aren't ready as early as others. He still only eats between

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  • My LO had no interest in cereals.   He did love pureed fruits and veggies and now we're moving to letting him eat soft fruit and veggies.  Bananas were the first thing he would eat and then he moved to sweet potatoes, squash, and applesauce/p

  • My LO just turned 8 months, is only BF and is still not interested in solids.  She'll try a banana if we let her (then do an all over disgusted body shiver), but otherwise, she shows all the signs she wants to eat (sits up, plays with spoons, will pl
  • My DD is now 2.5 and is a great eater.  She was EBF and I attempted to introduce solids after 6 months.  She did not take to purees ever, and finally started eating at 10 months old when she could pick up cooked peas and small pieces of soft che
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  • We were in the same boat! I exclusively breastfed until we introduced oatmeal at 5 and a half months. Skip the rice cereal! It has arcenic in it and the iron can cause constipation! My son wasn't interested at first either. I kept trying everyday, once or
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