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Skip hop diaper bag

Does anyone own this diaper bag? I'm trying to find one that looks like a purse.



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Re: Skip hop diaper bag

  • I have it in the black dot style. I just got it for this baby so I havent used it yet but it has so much space and a ton of pockets. I cant wait to use it.

    CHeck Amazon though they were on sale and I got mine for $65.

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  • Ohh that's the one I want too! I just started looking into diaper bags and those got great reviews!
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  • I have that exact one in the same color, Pewter Dot, and love it.  It was a bit big for my needs but I'm a chronic overpacker so it worked out okay... think it will be perfect for 2u2 though now that I know what I need and what I don't in a diaper ba

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  • I love that diaper bag!
  • Thanks, ladies! 
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  • Yep!  I've had mine (in a different color) since 2009.  It holds up really well.  
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