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Sick all night...what should I do?

If you could help me sort through whether or not I should go to work today, I appreciate it.

Last night, around 7, Dh and I both suddenly felt sick to our stomachs. We both through up repeatedly, about once an hour...the last time I though up was around 2am.

I have about four hours of work today. I'm a teacher, and if I don't go in, I'm disrupting my whole unit schedule. We have a week long break coming up soon, and I have certain things I want to get through by then. And to be honest, it's 4:58 and I'm starting to feel a little better. Part of me thinks I should just stay home because I may still infect others, but the other part thinks, no, just go into work. You can do it! I'm not sure what DH is planning to do, but knowing him, he'll want to go to work, for at least half the day.

The other complication is LO. He seems fine, but would it be irresponsible of me to send him to daycare, knowing that I've probably exposed him to a virus? Obviously I can't have him spreading this to all the other kids...but I also like the idea of him being at daycare, so he isn't around me.

As a teacher, I need to make a decision relatively soon...any thoughts? 

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