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Red Bumps & Dry Patches Eczema?

Hi All. 7 month DD has red bumps on belly and dry patches on shoulder. This is new in the past week and the new things we have done were introduce Farina (Cream of Wheat) and fish (tuna). Also, Tide Stain Booster to her clothes along with Dreft. She's fussy this week, but I think it is because she is getting her first tooth.

Do your LO's seem to be in any pain from this? I think it is eczema and it sounds like they recommend removing 1 thing at a time until you figure out what is causing this. I'm hate seeing the red and bumps and want to remove everything besides breastmilk/plain veggies I know she does not have a problem with. 

I will try to remove things and see if that helps and call the pediatrician in a week if nothing changes.

Long story short just wondering your experience with baby eczema? 

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Re: Red Bumps & Dry Patches Eczema?

  • RiasRias member
    Just discovered today that my DD has eczema. I hope it goes away quickly. Her pedi gave me hydrocortisone ointment to put on the patches which are on her bottom. She too has a rash on her belly but her pedi didnt associate it with eczema. He said it look
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  • DD has some mild eczema too on her elbows. They aren't discolored, just rough spots. Our pedi told us to use some heavy moisturizing cream. She got her first tooth at 5 months and didn't have any skin problems like you're describing. Sorry I can't help wi
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  • DD was having the same issue. Dry patches in ankles and arms. And little red bumps on tummy. The bumps were hear rash, according to the doc. The patches were random dry skin that didn't seem to bug her. I was told to not put lotion on the bumps. It clogs
  • My daughter has had eczema from day 1.  We finally figured out it was the scent in the laundry detergent that we were using and the perfumes in her baby wash.  We've since gone to making our own detergent which is scent and dye free and just use
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  • Dreft is scented, maybe it's that? I'd try something like All Free and Clear?
  • CeraVe cream is a great moisturizing cream for eczema or dry patches. It worked better for my dd than and prescription from the dermatologist.
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  • My dd also had bad eczema. What helped her is All free and clear detergent. CeraVe cream and cleanser. Seriously the best cream! Her eczema flared so bad and turned to staph. I started using these products and her skin is amazing.
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  • I second the BabyGanics eczema cream! DD had tiny dry patches on her legs - couldn't see them, but you could feel them. Two days after I started using this cream they were gone. 
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  • We haven't had any red bumps but the eczema started because we were using Johnson products.... Pedi said 95% of babies handle all that just fine but there is a chemical put into the products to force babies to have that "baby soft" feel so we switched to
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