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How many crib mattress covers?

How many mattress covers do you suggest having?
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Re: How many crib mattress covers?

  • We only have one because our mattress can be wiped down after any leaks. If DD does leak, then I wash the one cover that day and put it back on before bedtime. It wouldn't hurt to have two though, more than that is unnecessary, IMO.
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  • If your mattress has a vinyl cover? None. You don't really need it.

  • We have two and it works really well for us.  I change the pad every time I change his sheets (about every 3 days or sooner if needed). 
  • Probably two is adequate for most situations.  There are occasional times when babies pick up viruses and have such violent episodes of vomiting and/or diarrhea where no amount of spare bed linens is adequate. 


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  • We have one. So far that has been fine but I expect we may need to get a few more when we potty train. Our mattress does not have a wipe clean surface.
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  • we have 3, but mostly can do with just 2.  i just don't like seeing spit ups or any marks on her bed.  just a personal preference.
  • Thanks, everyone.
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  • My mother in law had two so if there's an overnight leak she could put the new one on and let LO go back to sleep.
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