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Bottle Warmer Rec

I posted this in the 3-6 month forum, but suppose I should have posted here. Can anyone recommend a good bottle warmer?  TIA

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  • I like the Dr. Brown's bottle warmer, we used it to also heat up baby food
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  • We have a Keurig that we used to "brew" hot water by just not putting in a k-cup and open/closing it while empty.  We'd brew into a mug and just dump that into a big plastic cup and set the bottle in that.  Much cheaper and one less thing on the

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  • We have the First Years bottle warmer with the 2 bottle cooler on the back. Not only does it warm, but we can keep 2 bottles right there for middle of the night feedings. Highly recommend it!
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  • My rec?  Don't bother.  


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    My rec?  Don't bother.  


    Mine too, when it really mattered,

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    My rec? nbsp;Don't bother. nbsp;nbsp;

    Yup! I use RTF so bottles come out of fridge. I u
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    We had a Dr. Browns that I loved.  No, they aren't necessary.  But the last thing I wanted to do at 3am wa

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  • The problem with warming bottles all the time at home, is what do you do when you are out and about with no way to warm a bottle?  

    DD got BM warm from the tap.  In a bottle it was cold or room temp.  That way she wasn't picky.&nbs

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