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Pregnancy after gallbladder removal

Anyone get pregnant after they had their gallbladder removed?  It has been almost a year since I had my laparoscopic surgery.  Do you think it affected your pregnancy?  Did you make any changes to your diet?  If there is anything else that is relevant please feel free to share.  TIA!
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Re: Pregnancy after gallbladder removal

  • I'm on my first pregnancy without it too. I feel like my nausea is stronger with this pregnancy but there could be several other reasons for that. One being that this one is natural and my last was an IVF baby. All I know is that pregnant or not, I am pro
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  • I too have had my gall bladder taken out and this is my first pregnancy without it I had two priors in which I experienced little to no morning sickness with them but this one has been horrible so yes I would have to agree that it had made my morning sick
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  • I had my gall bladder removed about 2 years before I was pregnant with my first.  I didn't have any real morning sickness (a couple weeks of slight). 

    I did make sure my OB was aware of it during my initial appointment.  She tol

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  • I had mine removed a while before my first pregnancy and had no trouble. I acually had a very easy pregnancy.
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  • I'm sure you'll be fine, i had mine removed a year ago before I got pregnant and I still get heartburn really badly but I have not once gotten sick.

    I knew a woman who had her gallbladder removed when she was 5 months pregnant. So no worries ^^<

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  • I had my gallbladder out in 2009 and was pregnant in 2011. I never had any problems with food afterwards and I had a very easy pregency, no morning sickness and very little bouts of nasuea. I don't know think theres anything you need to do differently. Me
  • I had my gallbladder (and kidney) removed 1.5 years ago, and my stomach wrapped to repair a hiatal hernia 2.5 years ago.  No problems in these first 22 weeks.  No morning sickness. My docs didn't really even care about the gallbladder and stomac

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