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Hurricane Dustin!!!

Hurricane Dustin arrived on January 18th, 2013. We call DS hurricane Dustin because he had his own plans and we had no clue. I went to my OB appointment on January 17th, where my OB and I discussed induction because I was due on January 20th. He was going out of town so we scheduled the induction for the next day. (DH and I were also in the process of moving) So the next day rolled around and we were trying to get things done with Navy housing. We were sitting at the navy housing office trying to complete paperwork for our new apartment when I started cramping. I had BH throughout my pregnancy so I just figured they were BH. DH and I made it home around 2.(I was scheduled to be induced at 6:30PM) We went up stairs and no sooner than we made it up the stairs we were headed right back down with the bags in tote. I was frantic on the phone with my parents who were headed from GA to VA. We had a 30 min drive to the hospital. I swear DH hit every pothole on 264. lol If you live in VA you know what im talking about. We made it to the hospital around 2:45. We pulled into the hospital entrance and my husband and I were arguing about where to park. Seriously?? I was in labor. We didnt want to have to worry about moving the car. haha silly I know but it was a huge hospital. We went up to L&D where we filled out all of the registration info which felt like it took FOREVER. They sent me (DH had to wait in the waiting room) back to anti-partum where a nurse came and checked my dilation. I was in complete shock when she told me I was 9cm dilated. The nurse yelled for someone to get my husband. As my husband walked into the room my water broke and I was rushed down to a L&D room. I will tell you that the contractions were nothing until my water broke and then it was a whole different ball game. My legs started shaking and I felt like I was going to be sick. I wanted and epidural so bad. 30 minutes later I was able to get a partial spinal which was enough relief for me. 15 minutes later I started pushing, 5 pushes later sweet little Dustin Nathaniel was born @ 4:25 PM. He was 8lbs 9oz and 20 and 1/2 Inches long. He is so sweet and well worth wait. I would not change our experience at all. It was so quick and eventful.

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