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If your LO was born close to a holiday, will/did you incorporate it into the party somehow?

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Re: Close to holiday

  • DS was born very close to Christmas. We plan on having parties separate from the holiday and not related to it in anyway. We want him to feel special on his day!
  • I would not, my birthday sometimes falls on Easter but as a little kid you want the attention to be more focused on you than the holiday.

    My cousin`s birthday was on the 4th of July and people used to tell the fireworks were for his birthday, he

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  • Nope.  DH was born 9 days before x-mas and I VERY much want his b-day to be about his b-day.  Not Christmas.
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  • My son is close to Easter and I don't plan to do anything related to Easter ever.

    My daughter was born on Halloween and I have done a Halloween party before. It was fun. 

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  • Maybe I would do St. Patrick's day or Halloween but I think that's it.
  • I was born on November 6th my big sister was born the 22nd so we always celebrated with the extented family on Thanksgivings, i loved it and hated it.  We always did something special on my actual b-day though.
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  • DS's bday is close to Halloween, and for his 1st bday, we did have a pumpkin theme.  I felt a little bad about it (even though he was too little to care), so for his 2nd bday, we did Sesame Street, which he loves.  I figure going forward I'll st
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  • DD's birthday is 4 days after Christmas and we will not incorporate it. I'll specifically avoid red & green!
  • NydaPNydaP member

    My son was born four days before Thanksgiving.  Every year, I keep the celebrations separate.  I've had his party the weekend of Thanksgiving since family was in town, but otherwise I try not to mix the two.  


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  • no, DD2 was born 10 days before Christmas.  I plan on giving her a winter themed birthday this year, but specifically not a Christmas theme.  I want her birthday to be seperate.  i sent out seperate Christmas cards & birth announceme

  • My brother was born 11/1 and never growing up did my mother plan Halloween theme parties, however now as an adult he & his wife plan Halloween parties every year!

    DD#3 was born 10 days before Christmas. We will NOT be planning anything relate

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  • Baby isn't due near a holiday, but my birthday falls in October, usually on Columbus Day weekend. Never did anything with Columbus Day, but I LOVE Halloween, so besides a few unique years (16, 21) my mom has always made me a cake with a pumpkin patch o

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  • No, I would not. My LO was born in the middle of December. 
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  • I was born near the 4th of July and thought the fireworks were for me too : ) 

    My DS2 is born new NY, I thought about having a NYE party for him each year but haven't started and probably won't.  It will be hard because DS is starting p

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  • My birthday is near Columbus Day and I liked getting a three day weekend but I don't know how you'd really celebrate that with a party.

    DS was born on 9/11. We will be doing a red, white, and blue theme this year and celebrating during labor day

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  • My DD was born on the 4th of July. It actually makes me mad because I know she will grow up hating it. I don't plan to incorporate the holiday into her parties at all. We are always gone away camping for that week so for her 1st bday we will invite fri

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  • Thanksgiving baby here. And no :) 
  • imagechancesmami:
    DS was born very close to Christmas. We plan on having parties separate from the holiday and not related to it in

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