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first haircut myrtle beach area

We are ready to get my son's first haircut soon. Any suggestions? Was looking for somewhere that specializes in kids but can't seem to find any.

Re: first haircut myrtle beach area

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    I have seen a lot of Mom's ask about this on the local FB page and honestly there doesn't seem to be any place that specializes in kids haircuts here which i think is odd. I have seen and heard many horror stories about getting kicked out of local salons with half done haircuts because a kid cried, etc. The best thing i've noticed is a lot of the Mom's on the page end up taking their kids to a lady who does it out of her home because she has kids there are toys and it's relaxed and easy going and not pressure filled it can be done at the child's pace. If your interested i can probably send you her FB link sou could contact her :)
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