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I'll never get the FIRST haircut with DD :(

I sound like a broken record to myself already as I've mentioned this to a few people now, but I am still trying to find one person who doesn't think it's a big deal and can help me get over this faster Crying

It's been a few weeks now that my mom (she watches DD) keeps saying how DD needs a haircut as her bangs are long and almost in her eyes. I repeatedly said NO not yet, I'm not ready to cut her hair yet.

Well today my mom decided to just chop it off. And not just a little so the bangs aren't in her eyes, the bangs are now at halfpoint of her forehead! It's bad!

I"m so upset and sad that my mom did this. First haircut is a big deal and I can't believe she couldn't think that far. She apologized but it's done. The moment is gone!

Also the cute little hairbows and clips I bought I can't even use now!!

I'm seriously heartbroken about this. Anybody NOT seeing this as a big deal?

I'm trying hard not to be upset with my mom but I am really struggling with this. I feel like I'll just start crying when I see DD....

Anyway, sorry if I'm sounding like a total douche looking for sympathy over something insignificant. Thanks for letting me vent!

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Re: I'll never get the FIRST haircut with DD :(

  • I would upset as well. A first haircut is a big deal and it sounds like she got more than a little trim. Talk to your Mom and try to get this off your chest. I guess I have it easy because my sister had two children before me and stood up to our Mom about
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  • I would be upset too.  :( I hope it grows back fast and you can make it cute and how you want it.  You can still use the bows!  She'll just have bangs with them.
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  • Thank you all!!! It will definitely take some time to get over this. I cried whenIsaw DDI : since she wouldn't sit still it wasn't straight and instead of stopping my mom kept cutting more . I mean fn come on!!!
    Anyway we had a talk and she apologi
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  • This happened with my older daughter.  Her dad didn't even meet her until she was 9 months old, then had every other weekend visitation.  When she was about 18 months, his mom (who hated me) took her for a haircut and gave her a bowl hai


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