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S/O Meals expected - Help!

So we're going to have DSs first birthday party on the Saturday after his birthday at 3:00pm.  We're just having mine and DHs parents, my sister, DHs brother (and their bfs/gfs) and DHs grandfather.  So, small get together.  I think we do want to have more of a dinner since everyone will get here after 3 and we can do an early dinner at like 4:30/5 ish.  Does that sound ok?  I was just thinking finger foods at first but I think everyone will be hungry!

And does anyone have any suggestions for kind of a "no-fuss" dinner for a crowd?  I want it to be casual, but want to provide an actual meal and not just appetizers ya know?


Re: S/O Meals expected - Help!

  • I liked baked pasta dishes (lasagna, baked ziti, stuffed shells, etc.) because you can prep them as early as the night before and just stick them in the oven an hour before you need them.  Add a loaf of bread and a bagged salad, and you've got a c

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    Some easy party meals I have done are: fried chicken from Walmart deli (it's good!) party sized pizza from a local shop, Stauffer's party lasagna, bagged salad and garlic bread, homemade macaroni & cheese, and for LO's party next week we are doing mea
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  • I think your plan sounds fine. Something in the crockpot might work. Maybe chili?
  • Oooh I like the idea of mac & cheese, maybe I'll do that and like some oven fried chicken and caesar salad or something...

    I WISH it would be warm enough to grill out; that would make it sooooo much easier!  But we're in northern MD and

  • Baked pasta dishes, mexican or BBQ works for a casual crowd. I would definitely serve a meal if I was inviting people over at that time. I would serve at 5.
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