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Any Stamford, CT parents out there?

I know this is a long-shot, but I thought I'd post on this board as well.  I already posted a similar question on the local boards....

So here goes--  My husband and I are very seriously considering moving to North Stamford, CT later this year.  Our oldest will be starting Kindergarten in the Fall, so we are obviously taking schools into consideration with our move.  My MIL is very nervous about the Stamford public school system because the schools in the area have relatively low scores on GreatSchools which is based on test results.  In an effort to appease her, I'm trying to get some direct feedback from parents who send their kids to Stamford public schools, most specifically Northeast Elementary and Turn of River Middle School.

Coming from the city, my feeling is that these test scores are lower because the school is dealing with a more diverse population of students (something we want) that may not be native English speakers and may have other challenges (financial, etc.) at home.  

Does anybody have any direct experience or friends with kids at these schools? The few parent reviews of the schools I can find online are all very positive.  Just wanted to check in with you all.

 Thanks in advance. 

Re: Any Stamford, CT parents out there?

  • I do not live there but I am pretty sure I remember reading how horrible it is there. Have you physically toured the schools to see what you think and talk to the Principal? I would be very careful because I do not think you will hear good things but could be wrong.
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  • I live right near Stamford- in the Armonk/Bedford area.  I also had a friend who grew up in Stamford.  Her family sent her to private school because the schools weren't great.  I think most elemetary schools are ok- but it's when you get to middle school and high school that they have problems. 

    If you are open to living in different areas and you want diversity, I'd recommend checking out Mount Kisco.  It has a really good school system and there is a large Hispanic population. 

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