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Malpractice at NoVA Pediatrics

Please be warned and think very, very, very, very carefully before taking your baby to Northern Virginia Pediatrics. My post is long and detailed but I assure you it's worth reading.

My now 8-month old son had croup in early January - we spent New Year's Day in the ER for it. Since then, has been suffering from sinusitis for TWO months now and almost got pneumonia. All because the doctors refused to listen when I told them how sick he seems. They would brush me off and keep telling me to just use a vaporizer and nose drops! As an attentive and informed mom, I knew that there was something serious going on. The doctors and nurses kept telling me to just wait, wait, wait - I did, and my son only got sicker.

I made countless phone calls and visits to the office. At one point they put him on Zantac for acid reflux - which he does not have! Then Benadryl - but that didn't work either b/c it's not allergies! Then Amoxicillin, without doing a nose culture - and it didn't work b/c the bacteria were resistant to it!  I insisted on a nose culture and then they decided Omnicef was the best med.

But a NURSE decided what the dose should be and she got it completely wrong - so my son continued to get sicker and sicker and sicker.

I kept calling the office and telling them of my son's new symptoms, such as laryngitis and ear pain, but again they brushed me off and told me to simply use a vaporizer in his room!

Finally one of the doctors took the time to study my son's chart and realized what the nurse had done. Now he's hopefully on the road to recovery. IT IS MEDICAL MALPRACTICE FOR A NURSE TO PRESCRIBE MEDICINE WITHOUT APPROVAL FROM A SUPERVISING PHYSICIAN!!! My son's doctor barely acknowledged what a horrible mistake was made with the medicine and how horribly we've been treated all along.

My son has gone through so much needless pain and suffering, all because of the arrogance and incompetence of the doctors and nurses at NoVa Pediatrics. Please do not take your precious baby there!!!

Re: Malpractice at NoVA Pediatrics

  • Sorry you had a bad experience and that your son is ill. I will say though that even if a nurse did a med calculation and it was wrong, it was still up to the DO or MD writing the actual prescription to get the dosing correct. There had to be a written script from the doc for you to pick up the meds. 
  • Ugh! So sorry to hear about your son but I hope he's getting better.

     Also just to add to the other comment, nurse practitioners can prescribe medication in every state and in the District of Columbia. In 21 states plus the District, NPs can practice independently without physician collaboration or supervision. In general, registered nurses (RNs) cannot prescribe medication.

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