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Crunchy/breastfeeding/attachment parents in Portland/Gresham

Anyone? :)

I'm Janine and we live right near the Gresham Transit Center, in downtown Gresham. I have a 2 year old boy who I am still breastfeeding, and we're expecting our second in May. 

Parenting choices aren't everything but I would love to make some friends who breastfeed and co-sleep and do baby-led weaning and other "non-conventional" parenting!

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Re: Crunchy/breastfeeding/attachment parents in Portland/Gresham

  • There's several AP and crunchy mom Meetups on  Probably not many in Gresham, but in Portland there's tons of groups. 

    I found a crunchy mom's group through the hospital I delivered at and it's been a great resource. 


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  • Several of the New Season's around town have support groups that tend to attract crunchy moms.  I have a great group formed through the Providence new moms groups.  We are of varying levels of 'crunchy', but all get along just fine despite our parenting philosophies.  
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  • We live in Gresham and my close circle of friends are all varying levels of AP. None of them are super crunchy, but 5 of 6 of us CD, all BF'd past 1 year, all are into baby and toddler wearing, all are into clean eating and living a healthy lifestyle.

    Of course, 2 of them now live in Portland. Wink

    I met these moms at the Gresham Library storytime when all the kids were babies but we all have toddlers now. Check out library storytime, Gresham and Fairview branches both have one or two a week. Gresham has a 2 year old group at 11 on Thursdays, and you can check the library's website for other times and locations.


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  • Crunchy but live in Beaverton.
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