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So, not your normal question for this board.  What do you moms of toddlers make for dinner?  I struggle to think of stuff that will please my picky guy that I don't get tired of.  And that I don't end up eating all week because of left overs, lol.  Any good ideas?

Also, if anyone knows of a group or message board that's a little more private, I'd appreciate a PM.  My ex stalks all my posts here and it would be nice to be a little freer with my posts. 

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Re: Meals

  • I have a website for you but I can't send you a PM with your profile private.
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  • jk...yes I can. Figured it out lol
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  • My kids love roasted brussels sprouts, Chicken and rice casserole, lasagna, beef stew.... 
  • I stopped by the board tonight for this exact reason.  I don't have a picky eater, thank god, but I do struggle with what to make that has enough veggies and that I don't have to eat 10 more times during the week.  I don't mind taking leftovers for lunch or freezing it for later, but sometimes it gets old.  And my LO doens't always like leftovers. 

    My question was also going to include, ideas for things to make that don't take a long time.  Toddlers just can't wait!!!  And they can play alone, but only for short periods of time.  I want to include LO in cooking as soon as she is old enough, but at this time, she just is too young. 

    I have tried crockpot recipes, but I feel like they are all the same and lacking in veggies sometimes. 

  • any crock pot recipe can be made to have veggies; just throw in a bag of frozen vegetables. 

    Easy crock pot recipes include meat, seasoning, water, and vegetables; it's that easy.


    Beef roast - water - lipton onion soup mix - carrots, onions, potatoes... done

    chicken breast - water - seasoning of choice - bag of frozen vegetables/fresh veggies ... done


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