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Thinking about getting rid of my dogs

This is what they did yesterday

Ok, we're not really going to get rid of them.  I actually think it's kinda funny, but DH is furious.

Re: Thinking about getting rid of my dogs

  • Oh wow!! Hahaha!! They are saying "do you like it, mom?" 
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  • Haha, you have to love a little dog shaming. I love when the one rolled on it's back!
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  • Indifferent  I can't believe how calm you were!  I would have been ballistic!  How long did that take to clean up? 
  • Oh my!! We have 2 boxers too and they're a handful but I love them! We definitely crate them when we leave or our house would be trashed haha
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  • Oh man! I was mad at our pit bull for destroying the TiVo remote on Monday, but the bag of ash and the sitting on the table, that takes the cake! 
  • That's too funny!!! But really, on the couch?!?! I'd be fuming! I love it at the end when you come in and just look at it- Been there!!!
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  • OMG I would have lost my mind. That is insane.
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  • Oh no!  Crazy doggies!
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  • Omg... My boxer needs to be crated, she gets anxiety when we leave and makes BIG messes too!  Yours looked guilty!
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  • image princessvespa1:
    Indifferent  I can't believe how calm you were!  I would have been ballistic!  How long did that take to clean up? 

    It took me about 4 hours to get most of it up.  I had to sweep, vacuum, and then I got down on my hands and knees and wiped everything down with water first, then a second time with soap for the floor, leather cleaner/conditioner for the sofa and chairs and windex for all other surfaces.

     I was feeling rather pleased with myself until I realized that every time someone sat down, a puff of ash smoke would shoot into the air.  Slowly, a fine film of ash is coming back.  I'm going to have to wipe everything down again tomorrow.  
  • Yea I came home to mine got in my trash...
    I found ants
    I laughed...
    The dogs will eat trash but not ants apparently
    I need to take them to training
    They like to jump on people :/ no no for when baby clmes
  • Oh no, naughty puppies!! They are SO adorable though :)

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  • Oh no!!!! Hahaha!!!! They are so cute though. I would hate to clean up that mess. 
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  • I would probably do the same thing and just laugh while DH fumes!
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  • Oh man!! This is why I'm to scared to even let my dog out of the kennel to start training him to be a good home alone boy!
  • That would seriously earn my dog a crate again when we aren't home.

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  • Wow! You were pretty calm compared to how I would be. Your dogs are adorable, though! They look like big sweeties.

    BTW, your accent is lovely! Where are you from? 

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  • LOL! Wow! That is amazing! I have a Boxer and when we leave he's crated. He's never destroyed a thing in his life that wasn't a toy but he pees out of spite lol. I work from home so he's only ever really in his crate when we go out somewhere together. Otherwise he's out and about.

    At least it's ash though and not sticky mud or something more permanent. This is just preparing you for children. My sister and I did something similar to this one fine Saturday morning with a bag of bulk pancake mix. At the time we were living in military housing and they base still did home inspections once a mom was pissed! lol!
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  • image SaraSKC:

    Wow! You were pretty calm compared to how I would be. Your dogs are adorable, though! They look like big sweeties.

    BTW, your accent is lovely! Where are you from? 

    Why thank you.  I'm from Trinidad and Tobago.

    I do love my doggies.  We used to crate them, but they had gotten better.  I think we need to break the crates out again.  mostly I think they just need more exercise.
  • Oh noooooo! They are cute, though! I hope crating them again helps.

    My new bff Gayle Forman!

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