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Intro and Newbie ?

Hi Ladies...

I have posted once before and have been lurking over the last month so I thought I would introduce myself. DH and I are ttc #2. DS is 20 months. This our 3rd month trying. We are really excited about adding to our family!

The last time I posted I was asking about my period post breastfeeding. I stopped nursing DS cold turkey 5 weeks ago right in the middle of my period. I had had my period back for about 4 months and was getting back to being pretty regular until I stopped breastfeeding. I bled for 10 days and started OPKs on CD10 and tested for 14 days without getting a +. This cycle was 36 days....8 days longer than my last 3 cycles which is to be expected with the hormone change. DH and I were going every other day and obviously with no success bc I got AF today. I don't think that I ovulated last month which I know can happen and cannot be confirmed without temping. Here leads into my question: 1. Has anyone experienced no ovulation post breastfeeding? If so, how many months? 2. If I want to start temping, is it necessary to go 3 hrs w straight sleep? DS is not a good sleeper and ends up in bed w us in the middle of the night which means that I get up a lot in addition to my multiple bathroom trips. I really get up almost every 2-3 hours. I know it is a problem that I have to tried to fix and gets SO much worse when pregnant. Any insight would be helpful! Hope everyone is having a great Thursday!!!! 

Re: Intro and Newbie ?

  • I can't answer the BFing question but it's really important to get at least the 3 full hours of sleep. If you get up the first time consistently each night, just take your temp then. PS. I'd make a new account without your full name as your screenname. There are lots of internet crazies out there.


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